How to optimize your checkout flow and increase revenue

Our data shows that 99% of the top ecommerce websites in North America make at least five basic checkout errors, creating unnecessary friction for customers. Furthermore, the top 200+ global B2C subscription sites struggle with transactional errors.

In this report, we’ll cover:
  • Checkout conversion strategies
  • Payment method preferences
  • Mobile optimization
  • Subscription best practices

Did you know?

Fifty-two percent of customers give up on a purchase when the checkout process takes more than two minutes, yet the average time to complete a checkout in North America is three minutes. Providing a fast and intuitive checkout experience is essential for reducing cart abandonment and increasing sales.
Of the ecommerce businesses we surveyed:


didn’t provide the ability to save payment information for future purchases via one-click checkout


didn’t offer buy now, pay later services


didn’t support Apple Pay, while 93% didn’t support Google Pay


didn’t recommend higher-end versions of a product or service through upselling

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Key insights

Checkout best practices

Optimizing the checkout flow, following mobile best practices, and identifying and accommodating customers’ payment method preferences are crucial for conversion. We found that 93% of customers said it was important for a website to provide the common payment methods in their country, and 81% would frequently abandon their cart if their preferred payment method wasn’t available. Best practices include:
  • Highlighting payment information errors in real time
  • Ensuring your payments form automatically resizes to smaller screens
  • Localizing the checkout experience with page translations and local currencies
  • Surfacing the right payment methods depending on customer location
  • Allowing customers to save their payment information
  • Offering buy now, pay later services, especially for more expensive purchases
  • Providing free trials for subscriptions
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