The future of digital payments for businesses in Australia

Australia is a nation of entrepreneurs and innovators, yet payment innovation varies across business size, location, and industries. While some businesses are advanced in their adoption and approach to emerging payment trends, others lag behind. If businesses aren’t exploring new payment methods to improve the customer experience, it not only impacts their customers but also their ability to grow, innovate, and compete in the digital economy.

Stripe has partnered with The University of Sydney Business School on a new report that surveys over a thousand Australian businesses to uncover the challenges that they face when it comes to digital payments and the opportunities that give them a competitive edge.

Key findings

How digital payments are transforming businesses in Australia


Businesses said digital payments improved their company's competitiveness.


Businesses noticed significant improvements in their customer relationships after investment in new payment technologies.


Businesses said digital payments infrastructure is a key consideration for expanding into a new market.

Success story

Stripe enables 10X customer increase for Mr Yum

Mr Yum, the leading mobile menu and ordering platform for the food and beverage and entertainment industries, scaled up seamlessly through the pandemic using Stripe payments and Connect. Now Mr Yum will be among the first in Australia to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone on Stripe.
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