Fintech and the future of software

We partnered with Edgar, Dunn & Company to discover how software companies can solve the most pressing challenges facing small businesses and stay ahead of industry trends. Learn how leaders in software are delivering better customer experiences and unlocking powerful revenue growth with integrated payments and embedded financial services.

Key challenges facing SMBs

Solve key customer needs with embedded finance

Today’s growth-oriented SMBs want to streamline operations and expand their reach. By offering integrated payments and embedded financial services, software providers can become powerful one-stop shops for their SMB customers and help them grow.


use 4 or more software tools


would prefer to work with fewer vendors


would consider financial services offered by their software vendors

Designed for developers

The best software platform for running an internet business

The Stripe Billing API is easy to integrate with existing websites, mobile apps, and CRM systems. Developers can use our composable API to get started quickly or design customized subscription logic and pricing models.

The opportunity for software companies

Software providers can evolve into fintech companies

Most software companies have already integrated payments into their product offerings. Forward-looking software providers are also adding financial services to create all-in-one solutions for their customers and unlock 2–5x more revenue growth.
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