Embed payments and offer financial services

Create a powerful new revenue source with payments monetization and financial services—including banking-as-a-service, expense cards, and lending.

Many of the world’s leading platform businesses partner with us to enhance payments.

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Differentiate your software platform

Transform your business

Stripe provides a technology-first, unified solution for ambitious, tech-forward software platforms. We handle Know Your Customer (KYC) and help you meet other requirements for payments compliance, so you can focus on building your core product offering. With Stripe you can:

Drive revenue growth with fast paths to payments monetization, product expansion, and global scale

Build better end-to-end experiences from seamless onboarding to instant payouts

Accelerate time to value with limited upfront investment and a clear path to scale

Designed for developers

The best software platform for running an internet business

The Stripe Billing API is easy to integrate with existing websites, mobile apps, and CRM systems. Developers can use our composable API to get started quickly or design customized subscription logic and pricing models.

Ready to accelerate revenue growth with Stripe?

Learn more about how Stripe can help your platform embed payments and financial services to add new revenue streams and improve customer experience. Connect with one of our team members to get started.
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