Launch and grow your SaaS startup with Stripe

As your SaaS startup grows, so does the operational complexity of your business, pricing, and billing models. That’s why many of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS startups use Stripe to handle all of their revenue management needs in one unified tool. This lets you get your business off the ground quickly, grow your revenue, and improve customer retention—without diverting engineering resources from your core product.

Capture more revenue

Power any billing model

Monetize quickly. Grow easily.

Stripe provides a suite of products to help you collect recurring payments from global users and support any pricing model—even the most complex—with ease. Prebuilt interfaces and billing components mean less time and resources spent on billing.

As you grow, Stripe’s flexible payments platform makes it easy to:
  • Test new billing models in minutes
  • Receive payment on 70% of invoices within 24 hours or less
  • Support any pricing model with out-of-the-box billing logic for everything from per-seat pricing to metered billing
  • Simplify compliance with sales tax, VAT, and GST using Stripe Tax
  • Support custom pricing for complex deals by enabling sales teams to send quotes, negotiate rates, and automate the collection process
Stripe powers 67 of the world’s top cloud startups on the 2021 Forbes Cloud 100 list

Optimize global billing and payments with Stripe

Trusted by the most successful SaaS startups, including Zoom, Slack, and Figma, Stripe’s global reach and flexibility make it easy to scale globally with solutions for local payment methods, automated invoices, payments, and billing—without a heavy engineering lift.
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