Fifty-eight percent of European checkouts we analysed had at least three basic errors, adding unnecessary friction for customers

The majority of e-commerce websites we analysed in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Sweden are not following best practices to maximise conversion. With nine out of ten lost sales in Europe failing on the checkout page, fixing these basic issues and reducing friction in the transaction process can result in significant increases in conversion and revenue.

were not translated into local languages
did not auto-verify the card number as it was entered
did not confirm card type when the card number was entered


Our analysis shows that basic checkout issues are very common, even among the top companies across Europe that likely have dedicated teams focused on conversion rates.

    • Italian and Dutch checkouts performed the worst in terms of adding unnecessary friction to the checkout form, like not confirming card type.
    • None of the checkouts we analysed in Spain were translated into local languages or offered local payments.
    • Dutch checkouts were the most likely to be translated into other languages.
    • Checkouts in Sweden were the most likely to optimise for mobile, with every single checkout we analysed being both responsive as well as surfacing a numeric keypad.