Global fraud trends and how your business can adapt

Learn about the biggest fraud trends we uncovered after analyzing billions of attempted payments and surveying more than 2,500 global business leaders.

Did you know?

According to our survey, 64% of global business leaders say that since the onset of the pandemic, it has become harder for their business to fight fraud.


increase in product-related disputes.


more businesses experienced card testing attacks.


of recurring revenue businesses said their manual review load increased.

Best practices

How to successfully adapt

We also highlight how you can successfully adapt to these fraud trends with tips throughout the report, informed by the data we uncovered. We end this report with four overarching best practices based on our predictions for where we see the fraud industry going, including:
  • Interventions, such as 3DS, will play a bigger role.
  • Richer sources of data will help businesses make more accurate decisions.
  • Issuers and businesses will collaborate more to streamline disputes.
  • Consumer payment preferences will continue to shift away from cards, changing fraud vectors.
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